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Designed for very heavy-duty use and where large volumes of debris are to be deposited into the storage container.
The Hawk is designed to fit on a customers trailer or other suitable receptacle such that all debris passes through the vacuum fan of the Hawk and into the receptacle.
Each Hawk is tailored to fit the needs of a customer.

Typically it is used for such applications as cleaning out Game Bird rearing sheds, poultry breeding sheds, autumn leaves and on occasions picking up after horses in the usual way.

Can come with any of the engines used on other Predator machines. Size
Basically the Hawk is exactly the same as standard Predator models but without a hopper, the wheels and support ‘A’ frame, which leaves just the engine, vacuum fan and induction unit, battery for electric start and fuel container.


Other considerations
The trailer or receptacle on which the Hawk is to be mounted will need some kind of filter/roof to allow the air from the vacuum to escape and yet prevent the debris from escaping.

Predaor Lynx picture

To do the job thoroughly make sure
you only have the best - a Predator

What towing equipment can you use?
Can be towed by a Ride-On Lawnmower, most Quad Bikes,  compact tractor, 4x4 Vehicle, Golf Buggy and Dumper truck, in fact just about anything. If on hilly terrain it is best to have 4 wheel drive.

What products do we use?
Quality products such as Jockey Wheels, pick up hoses, the paint work, electrical components, logo material, even the rubber handles and much more are used to make Predator machine a cut above the rest.

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