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No doubt, you only get what you pay for. Predators represent 100% value for your money so don't compromise? Do the job thoroughly that is what we say.

A tough machine for a tough job

If you are to spend in excess of £1000 on a machine to clean your paddocks, yards and stables – you must be satisfied the machine will do the job properly and it will last a good number of years. You buy a Predator and you buy the best - They do work and they do last, be assured of that.
Customer support

All machines and most customers need support – The Predator People specialise in after sales

customer support and that is worth its weight in gold. See what our customers say (click here)

High vacuum power in all weather conditions

Vacuum power is what it is all about – create enough of it and no typical UK weather conditions will defeat the machine.  The vacuum fan spins in excess of 4000rpm creating maximum vacuum power. Our feedback from the market is positive and we can state our customers think our machines are the most powerful and a quite a number have tried the so called 'less expensive' versions – They also mulch the droppings reducing the volume by 50%.
Light and fast to use

Light to use because of the special gantry that supports the weight of the pick-up hose. Fast and easy because of its 360 degree operational design and as a customer has claimed she picks up 300 droppings every ½ hour.
100% value for money

Realistically priced for a professionally made machine designed to pick-up the most severe of droppings even in the worst of UK weather. Made to last with excellent customer after sales support.

2 year warranty and 3 years on the engine crankshaft. It is a practical investment.

Parasitic tape worm

You clean your paddock thoroughly with a Predator machine inside the 3 day cycle and you will control the spread of parasitic tape worm - done properly and the worm count will drop to zero reducing the need for wormers (speak to your own vet for professional guidance).

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